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Do YOU Wear A Bikini When Ski-ing?

No, me neither, but it’s not a silly question.  Or rather it IS, until you put it in context.

So what do I mean?

Well during last weeks webinar we were talking about the T.R.I.P Sat Nav System, which is a system of 4 parts for making sure the business goes where you want it to go.  In case you missed it T.R.I.P. stands for :-

Target – where are you going?  You have to have an end point, something you are shooting for.  Otherwise how do you know whether you are on track or not? How do you know what steps to take, what to prioritise, which opportunities to say yes or no to!

Route – How are you going to get to the target.  This is your map, your broken down step by step plan of the actions, KPI’s and resources involved in achieving the target.

Inspire – What we are talking about here is how do you communicate this and have you done it in a way that inspires others and where the whole team knows where they are going.  Do they believe they are going to get there and do they appreciate their own importance in making the whole thing happen?

Pledge – What I mean by pledge is – are you truly committed to the target?  Is it aligned with your values, and are you a living , breathing example of that.  Do you LIVE it every day.  If you really want to lose weight because your values are to be a great parent and be around for your kids, but you still eat chocolate all day and do no exercise you are not really living your values.

Now most people go on a ‘Tr’ and a few people go on an ‘ip’, but very few businesses go on a proper T.R.I.P.

If you go on a ‘Tr’, then you are setting goals and plans, but you are not living those every day and therefore you are certainly not inspiring your people.  So no surprise then when you don’t achieve the goals.

And if you go on an ‘ip’ – it means you are an inspiring leader and you live your values.  But without set targets and a plan, you are not going to maximise your results.  And that’s where the bikini comes in while ski-ing.

I mean, if your partner (who knows you love sitting by the pool) tells you to pack your bag you are going away for the weekend but doesn’t tell you where, then how do you know what to pack?  You may surmise that he is taking you somewhere hot because that is what he knows you love.  So, you pack your bikini.

But when you get there – you are in the Alps – because HE loves ski-ing.  And that is exactly what happens in business too.  People think they are going in one direction, and the leader thinks they are going in another, but the leader has never actually told them.

If you feel you might have a team that isn’t sure where they are going, or if you are missing targets, goals and deadlines, and if you MISSED last weeks webinar (how could you?) – then book a call with me and we can have a look at what is going on and whether the T.R.I.P. Sat Nav could help (or maybe a different part of the Team Performance Engine.

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