Overworked, Overtired and Already Fed Up of Christmas?

There has been a bit of a theme going on this year for us. A lot of the Business Owners and Senior Managers we have worked with have found 2018 hard. One thing many of our clients say to us, when we speak to them for the first time is, “I have people in my business who are frustrating me, and preventing the business from growing”.

I can understand the frustration.

We have worked with many clients this year and shown them how to solve these problems. And our solutions are always – we are not going to give you fish – we will teach you how to fish. What I mean by that is – we can’t go into someone’s business and change the people (though occasionally that is what needs to happen).

What we can do – very effectively – is show those business owners and managers how to change THEMSELVES so that they can get the best out of managing their people. If you keep on doing what you have always done, then you keep on getting what you have always got.

Does that make sense?

And we have had some brilliant successes this year, with organisations as diverse as private schools, manufacturing businesses and public sector bodies.

The other thing that business owners have shared – is how hard they found it to get help. It is a big commitment to go out to tender with various training companies – then to put the time in to go offsite, or have trainers come on site.

And for small business owners especially finding time can be the most challenging thing of all.

So, we had a think about how we can make it easier for you to access help – without it taking up too much of your precious time or costing an arm and a leg.

And therefore – I am going to run a webinar in December which is all about how to make life easier, and get better results in your business at the same time. So that 2019 can really be your Best Year Yet, and next year you can have more fun and success in your business.

You see, what we know to be true, and the Managers and Business Owners we have worked with this year now understand, is this. Your business will be more profitable when your impact in your business is improved. It’s not about changing the others, it’s about changing yourself.

If that sounds like hard work – it needn’t be.

Join the webinar – you don’t even have to move from your desk! This is definitely for you if you have no time to attend training. This is also for you if you may need a hand to reset things in your team. You may struggle with delegating and may need help getting the best out of your teams.

If any of this applies to you, then you will get a lot out of this tip-packed webinar.

If this resonates with you email me at  [email protected] with the email subject “YES”. Then tell me the 3 things that you want to change / achieve for 2019, and I will make sure you are registered for the webinar and that we cover those things off for you.


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