Leadership and the Art of Confusing Your People

This week has seen some interesting stuff happening in the American ‘parliament’, Congress. A proposed bill about immigration failed to get the support it needed.  That was not unexpected apparently and may not be very interesting news per se.

What IS interesting is the part Donald Trump had to play in this. 

The Republicans are divided as to how to tackle immigration and the conservatives who quite liked the legislation declared there was no point supporting it unless Trump was behind it.

Now firstly in an interview with Fox News, POTUS said he wouldn’t back the bill, only for his staff to issue a statement later that day saying he would.   Then 10 days ago he tweeted that ‘Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after the elections (for more senators and congressmen/women) in November.

However, just hours before the bill he tweeted that Republicans SHOULD back the bill.

Too late.

They were confused as hell, and who could blame them.

In Order to Follow a Leader, You Need To See Where They Are Going

Maybe Donald Trump got the outcome he wanted and all the ‘support’ was fake and to make him look good.  Who knows?  But, whatever the truth behind his actions, he failed at a really BIG skill of leadership – which is clearly outlining the vision, and the actions that will get us to the vision and then being consistent in our speech and actions about the vision.

Unless your people know where you stand, they won’t know where THEY stand, and confusion will naturally follow.  Unless they clearly know where you are going and why, they can’t come with you or support you as the Leader in your vision.

The biggest example of this was probably Steve Jobs.  The initial years of Apple under his watch were highly successful and focused.  When Jobs left to start NeXt in the 90’s the companys fortunes took a nosedive and did not recover until Apple bought NeXt and Jobs was back.

What they had lacked during that time was not the skills or the technology, what they had lacked was the Clarity of Vision.  It is amazing to think that one person can have such a massive impact on a huge company.  But it is true.

And it is equally true in YOUR business.  You are the Leader.  Your primary purpose is to bring Clarity of Vision, which is especially important in these ever-changing times.  So – have a talk with yourself!  And decide.  Are you Steve Jobs in your business, or a bit of a Donald!

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