It’s All Gone to Pot

Did you see the news today?  Some politician has caused a ruckus because she has been in Israel on holiday and at the same time meeting with various officials from the Israeli government without telling the government she was going to do so.  As a result she has resigned.

Now you and I might think that’s all a big fuss about nothing but it broke ‘the rules’ and that’s something that is unacceptable in the business called ‘the government’.  And it made me think – because this kind of thing happens all the time in business.  And what appears to happen might not be what actually is happening.

Here’s the thing – even though you think your people know the rules and therefore assign a meaning to things they do or don’t do, it is very likely that in fact, they don’t know the rules.

When things go to pot in business it is often the fault of the leader.  What I mean by that is that someone has to be responsible for putting in place a system or systems to handle whatever tasks are necessary to complete a project.

I was in a business last month which was going through a health and safety assessment as part of the process to achieve ISO certification.  And it was a bit of a shambles.  You see, the thing was, the manager really wasn’t interested in health and safety and had delegated the whole area to a junior admin person.

The junior admin person had picked up on the fact that the manager didn’t really care and therefore didn’t understand the importance of the whole thing, or of keeping proper records, or having a proper system in place.

As a result, it was looking likely that the ISO would not be achieved and everyone was blaming the junior admin person.  But really it wasn’t their fault.

This is a case of abdication rather than delegation and an abject failure of leadership.  If the boss doesn’t care about something and hasn’t created a system, or imparted the importance of what needs to be done and WHY it needs to be done, they can hardly turn round and blame the junior admin person who probably never should have been given the task in the first place and if they were, should have been properly briefed and given a process and reporting line.

This kind of failure can cost you dearly – ISO certification is not cheap to go through, but it could have been worse, it could have been someone’s health or even their life that was the actual cost. If something has gone wrong in your business it will generally be because of a breakdown in one of the 6 areas of the Team Performance Engine © – Focus and Direction, Systems, Skills, Mindset, Impact and Engagement.

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