How To Get More Done

It’s Thursday!  How is this week going for you?  Are you on track to get everything done that you wanted to achieve this week?  Or have you been derailed?  Have you been side-tracked, or even overwhelmed, with all the things that were not on your To Do list on Monday morning, but somehow, have appeared on it during the last 3 days.

And if this describes your week – is it JUST this week, or is this a familiar pattern?

You see, studies show To Do lists are not very useful in the quest for ‘getting stuff done’.  And there are many reasons for this but the number one reason is that people aren’t very good at estimating time.  (In a recent study only 17% of people were able to fairly accurately estimate time). In this specific context, they are not very good at estimating the time it takes to do something and therefore there is too much on their TO DO lists, and it’s probably not the right stuff anyway.

Well about a month ago we held a web class about getting more done.  Most people thought it was going to be about ‘To Do’ lists or other ‘time management’ tools or tactics.

Most people were wrong.

Because the key to getting more done has little to do with time management.  Let’s face it – we all have the same amount of time in the day.  And just working harder doesn’t create any more time.  If you have too much on your ‘To Do’ list, then just working harder won’t get it all done.  Prioritising won’t get it all done.  The only way to create more time for yourself, and get back a day a week (which is the theme of the web class), is to Think, Be and Do as a Leader.

The web class addresses these 3 areas in more detail – what does it mean to Think, Be and Do, as a Leader and how does that create more time back in your life? Let’s face it, most of us are ‘too busy’ and most of us run late for meetings and appointments – and if we only look at the ‘time management’ aspects of that then we are not solving the real problem.

I mean, sure – if you are constantly running late for meetings there are apps you can use to remind you/you can plan to leave earlier/or you can just stay as you are and hope people forgive your tardiness. None of these solutions actually solves the problem.  You are still too busy, which is why you are running late.

So, if you are finding yourself too overwhelmed with the “busy-ness” of the week, and this is not the first time you have felt like this, then this is one web class you should definitely make time for. The people who showed up for this web class when we ran it last month, loved it.  They found it gave them a different perspective and some actual golden nuggets (NOT the cereal!) that they could take away and use.

It also gave them the opportunity to book in for one of our free strategy sessions, that we occasionally offer to overwhelmed and overworked managers, like you.

Here is the link to watch the replay – Reclaim Your Week Webclass – at any time to suit you.

Or if you already know you have an issue with overwhelm and being too busy, and you know you would like one of the free sessions – then email me now on [email protected]

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