Congratulations You Just Got Promoted!

Have you recently been promoted to a management position? Of course, you are feeling happy and celebratory and excited!   Or maybe not?

You see sometimes when people are promoted to a management position it isn’t as exciting or joyful as they hoped it would be.  What normally happens is that people get promoted because they are great at their job.  You are no doubt great at the job you have been promoted from, and that was a big part of why you were chosen.

The problem is that being a manager and being a technical specialist are two very different things.  And the skill set required for both are very different.

Often though, that is not factored into promotion decisions and you are just expected to somehow know how to manage and get the best out of other people.  Sometimes that’s OK, as you may naturally be a ‘people person’ and be able to get the best out of others without knowing exactly how you do it.

At other times you may have had some management training and be equipped with some of the skills required. But it is still a daunting prospect – having to manage people you worked alongside not so long ago.

And often it isn’t the (just) the management skills that are lacking – it is the confidence that you can make the transition.  I mean – these people might know rather more about you than they would do, were you a newly recruited manager coming into the company for the first time.

Perhaps there are other people who didn’t get the promotion you got and you are concerned about managing them in case they feel resentful.  Maybe you have been out drinking with the team you are now managing, and they have seen you at – shall we say – less than your best.

The fact is, that whether you lack confidence because you have had no training, or because you have previously worked with the people you are managing, there is only one solution.  And that is to decide to be confident.

Easily said I know – but it really does come down to realising that someone somewhere thought you were up to the job, and the people you are managing deserve to have a confident leader.  Now that doesn’t mean that you have all the answers, and in fact you probably DON’T yet.  And that’s OK.  Please don’t pretend you do, or feel you have to go in all guns blazing, because that wont endear you to anyone.

But do be confident, that you are meant to be in this position and that you are capable of doing a great job.

Now there are skills, techniques and tactics you can use as a Manager, that we teach in our Think, Be, Do Leadership Model.  And if you think you could benefit from some help in this area, why not book one of our free monthly strategy sessions where we will share with you some things you can implement right away to help your confidence and results as a new leader.

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