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You Can’t Manage Time

Have you ever been on a time management course?  It becomes very clear very quickly that the title of the course about “Time Management” is probably an oxymoron.  I mean you can’t manage time can you?

I’m guessing that you, like me, have 24 hours in a day.  There isn’t much you can do about it.  You can be more productive of course, and you can learn how and when to delegate, but you can’t make more time, and you can’t manage it.  2pm is 2pm, not 2.15!

The only thing you CAN manage is yourself.  You can learn how to make sure you spend your time wisely – doing the things that will impact your business the most.  You can learn how and when to delegate and who to delegate to, to get rid of some tasks whilst developing someone else, which will free up some of your time.

People refer to this as ‘creating more time’ but that’s nonsense of course.  You can’t create time.  But you can ‘free up’ some time.

You can prioritise your tasks so the important thing get done and the non priority tasks are dealt with in another way, or not dealt with because they don’t need to be.

And most importantly you can begin to think differently about what you are doing and why YOU are doing it.  Because of course, all change, all actions begin with a change of thoughts.

There is a bit more to it than that, but we have discovered a formula which – when you apply it to your business – will help you create a bigger and better Impact in your business by using our 3 Dimensions of Leadership. There are 3 areas that will create high performing teams in your business so that you can reclaim a day a week, be more productive, happier and less busy. Your staff will be happier, achieve more and will be an engaged team working towards the goals of your business.

I need a bit more time to really go into detail about this simple process – so if you would like to know more I invite you to spend and hour with Jan and me, next week on the 11th October, when we are hosting a webinar.

Hope to see you there

3D Leadership – dynamically enhancing the results of your business’™

At Transforming Performance, we believe that there are 6 crucial areas of Leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems.

Transforming Performance can help with our Accelerate Your Business™ and Accelerate Solo™ programmes.

Julie Hutchison is co-Director with Jan Sargent of Transforming Performance, a consultancy which provides businesses with expert support in Leadership Coaching, Team Development and Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Behavioural Profiling and help in getting the best from you and your people. If you’d like to have a chat and a coffee to discuss how we can help you, we’d love to talk. Call us on:

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