Ronnie and Julie (1)

You Are The Winner!

Well, I would love to tell you those were the words Ronnie and I heard when competing in Strictly Does Salisbury last week.  But sadly not.  We did however get a 9 from Kristina Rihanoff which was worth it’s weight in gold. However, I honestly wasn’t the least bit disappointed – the winners deserved the win, but actually we were all winners.  Not only did we raise a whopping £16,500 for the Salisbury Hospice CharityRead More
Do you know, I used to think it was just OUR postman?  I mean, some summer some winter, he was always in shorts and I thought maybe it was a bit of a foible on his part.  But no!    Having spoken to many people it seems that postmen typically wear shorts – rain or shine, summer or winter.  And I wondered why!   I have that sort of mind – I like to know the reasonRead More
strictly come dancing
I don’t know about you but I love watching Strictly Come Dancing – and seeing how the celebrities pick up new skills week by week and end up (those in the finals anyway) looking as good as their professional dance partners. But I never thought it would happen to me. And I never thought it would change my business. Let me explain. You see Strictly is coming to Salisbury on March 10th, Ian Waite andRead More
Going Gets Tough
Oops! That’s what I said when I tripped over in a dark corridor coming back from the Ladies room in Pizza Express (I won’t say which one). Whilst it hurt – it was more my pride that was hurt, and I was pleased there was no-one in the corridor to notice! However, the next day the Oops, turned into a Wow That Is Painful! Yep, I had broken my ankle! Now that was not whatRead More
This week I was very excited to receive notification that we have been accepted as an approved supplier for Bloom.  Bloom is a company that provides neutral vendor services for professional services firms that want to work with the public sector.  For many government organisations and councils, you have to be accredited by Bloom before you can bid for the project.   So, we were super excited to achieve accreditation as there was a particular piece of work we wanted to doRead More
about you

It’s All About You

I don’t know if you sometimes feel it is all about you?  Will the day ever come when you can feel like you can have a day off or go away for a holiday without everything falling apart?  You didn’t start your business, so you could work longer hours for less pay and a rubbish boss! Well, let me explain something to you it is really hard to delegate well, but until you learnt howRead More
sid the sloth
Have you watched the kids film – Ice Age?  If so you will remember the character Sid the Sloth.  Sid is a sloth who attaches himself to his best chance off survival – a Mammoth and a Sabre Tooth Tiger.   In his efforts to ingratiate himself with them and therefore make it out alive from the impending Ice Age by tagging along as they migrate south. The problem with Sid is…he is just TOO enthusiastic,Read More
Have you heard that expression – familiarity breeds contempt?  Have you ever thought about what it really means?  Well the obvious interpretation is that what you are familiarity with becomes less important. For example – if you are the new girl/boy in the office, the last thing you want to do is upset anyone, am I right?  And so you would go to great pains to understand who sits where in the office, whose coffeeRead More
Yes, I know – books don’t have wiggly lines.  Books have straight lines don’t they.  So that we know how to read them.  And that’s kind of reassuring.  It’s normal and comforting – for US.  However, it also applies to other areas of life where it is not such a useful concept.  And to be fair – writing in a straight line from left to right is not the norm everywhere, is it?  Just inRead More
Well it’s the start of a new year. So, I’ll start with a confession to you all. I’m a learning junkie. I’m a bit of a geek. Well, a lot of a geek…! I’m always reading books, articles, blogs, listening to audio books, podcasts and watching webinars, TedTalks etc…. I just love to learn and think about new ideas and, where I think they are useful; incorporate them into my thinking, way of doing things,Read More