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Do YOU Wear A Bikini When Ski-ing?

Posted by Julie on 13th December 2018
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No, me neither, but it’s not a silly question.  Or rather it IS, until you put it in context. So what do I mean? Well during last weeks webinar we were talking about the T.R.I.P Sat Nav System, which is a system of 4 parts for making sure the business goes where you want it to go.  In case you missed it T.R.I.P. stands for :- Target – where are you going?  You have to
There has been a bit of a theme going on this year for us. A lot of the Business Owners and Senior Managers we have worked with have found 2018 hard. One thing many of our clients say to us, when we speak to them for the first time is, “I have people in my business who are frustrating me, and preventing the business from growing”. I can understand the frustration. We have worked with
What Impact Are You Having

What Impact Are You Having In Your Business?

Posted by Julie on 22nd November 2018
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What Impact Are You Having In Your Business? That’s a question I often ask business owners.  You see ,when it comes to managing your business and it’s challenges, what I hear a lot of the time is, “He/She didn’t do…”, “They always…”, “They never”…… But you see, 9 times out of 10, when something is going wrong, or not going right, in your business it is YOUR fault.  Or at the very least, it is
Change! It’s a scary thought for most people.  And that’s perfectly natural. Your body and Psyche is pre programmed to avoid change.  Think about it. In caveman days, change was rarely a good thing.  The familiar was comfortable.  You might go up a tree or stand on a hill and survey your known world.  And if it all looked the same as yesterday then that’s great. But if there was something that didn’t look right
Have you been on a plane recently?  You know when they are going through all the safety notices and they come to the one about oxygen masks?  What is the instruction there?  Well – it is to fix your OWN mask first before attempting to help someone else.  That is because if you put the mask on your child first for example, and then you fainted because you went too long without oxygen, your child