We are currently working abroad. In Rhodes, in fact. We had allocated time out for our regular planning week and this time we decided to remove ourselves from the normal day to day distractions of households, computer systems that go phut  (apparently we have the fastest broadband but it regularly goes so slow I could walk faster…) and the other normal business demands, so that we could fully concentrate on our business’s plans and focusRead More
Yes – I did say the rule of Brian NOT the Rule of Brain (isn’t that a horror story?), or The Life of Brian.  And NO – I have not finally lost the plot.  Let me explain. We were with friends of ours at the weekend – and we were talking about an old friend called Brian.  We were talking about whether one of our friends should change their morning routine now that their childRead More
difficult situations
Recently a client asked me a question.  Without revealing the exact detail, the question boiled down to this…’How do I deal with difficult situations’ by which they meant – difficult people.   Well, there are a number of strategies we use to help our clients – leaders in their own or someone else’s business – to deal with exactly these situations.   The first thing you must do is think about yourself.  And I say this from 2 perspectives.  Firstly –Read More
I was in the petrol station this morning, when I overheard someone bemoaning their workplace, in a half light hearted way. The parting phrase was – ‘Things will never change’. And it got me thinking…. Why is it that some things never change, while other things seem to be changing at the speed of light? Maybe you have wondered why so many people seem to just accept the status quo, or actively fight to KEEPRead More
    3D Leadership – dynamically enhancing the results of your business’™ At Transforming Performance, we believe that there are 6 crucial areas of Leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems. Transforming Performance can help with our Accelerate Your Business™ and Accelerate Solo™ programmes. Julie Hutchison is co-Director with Jan Sargent of Transforming Performance, a consultancy which provides businesses with expert support in Leadership Coaching, Team Development and Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training andRead More
I was in the supermarket last week, and I was thinking how confusing the egg labelling is.  You know what I mean?  What is the difference between Free Range, Organic, Cage Free, Barn Eggs! What’s the difference?  Barn Eggs sounds nice doesn’t it?  Well, maybe not.  Barn hens are kept in a ‘barn’ which may not be the romantic notion you have in mind for a barn – you know – lovely big wooden building.  Well, allRead More
Or asked a different way – is it ever right not to ‘do the right thing’? It’s a question I asked myself recently, having watched a business contact wrestling with some ethically and morally ‘off’ behaviours within their business. They were struggling to deal with it. There was fear at having to actually confront the behaviours; after all, confronting such things is never easy. There was fear at what the potential outcomes might be. MightRead More
Assume The Position

Assume The Position

OK – This is the last blog that will mention my Strictly Come Dancing experience – I promise!  Well, for now anyway!  And there is a reason… Firstly – there is a video that I posted today – the link is somewhere on this blog – so if you want to actually look at me and Ronnie making muppets out of ourselves – feel free to watch.  Actually, I think we did pretty well. ButRead More
Leadership and the Oracle At Delphi
At the weekend – I was having coffee with some friends and the subject of Greek mythology came up (as it does!), and specifically the Oracle of Delphi, otherwise known as The Pythia.  She was the High Priestess of the most important Temple of the Greeks, in Delphi, and her Leadership of the Temple was critical to its importance. I don’t know how familiar you are with this piece of mythology but apparently ‘the DelphicRead More
Ronnie and Julie (1)

You Are The Winner!

Well, I would love to tell you those were the words Ronnie and I heard when competing in Strictly Does Salisbury last week.  But sadly not.  We did however get a 9 from Kristina Rihanoff which was worth it’s weight in gold. However, I honestly wasn’t the least bit disappointed – the winners deserved the win, but actually we were all winners.  Not only did we raise a whopping £16,500 for the Salisbury Hospice CharityRead More