So, let me set the scene…. I was lucky enough to be looking after two of my close younger family members Jay 11 3/12ths and Lizzie 9 9/12ths one weekend recently. To get out and about and to maintain the balance of peace we decided it would be nice to meander to the local shops and look to spend their pocket money. We spent time perusing in a few different places and chatting over whatRead More
You may know that we recently got ourselves a dog.  Well, we have had her for a while now, and we got her from a rescue centre.  She looked at me with her ‘Labrador eyes’ and I was hooked.  But when we were talking to the guy at the centre and organising to bring her home, he said to me something I dismissed at the time.  He said, “Don’t pay her too much attention –Read More
weeping fig
I have a plant in my house.  I’ve had it 20 years now, and it has moved around with me.  Everyone has one – my friend has a Yucca (that’s the tall one with the long spikey leaves) and my other friend has a Rubber Plant (Latin name Ficus Elastica which has bigger more oblong leaves) – and yet another has a Money Tree or ‘Money Plant’  (Latin name Crassula Portulacea – which has fat chubby leaves).  I have a Weeping Fig.  Or Ficus Benjamina if you are an ancient Roman.  At least that’s whatRead More
Have you ever felt confused by how someone else was thinking?  Isn’t it irritating when they just don’t get what you are saying?  Maybe, as a leader, you have experienced times when you think your team are misunderstanding you on purpose just to be obtuse or so they don’t have to do something.  Perhaps you have even taken back tasks and done them yourself because “it’s quicker” than trying to explain things to “that lot”, who never seem to understand anyway. Read More

And I Name This Ship…

This week’s blog is a vlog about how to get the spark back into your business. I hope you enjoy!     At Transforming Performance, we believe that there are 6 crucial areas to Leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems. Transforming Performance can help with our Accelerate Your Business™ and Accelerate Solo™ programmes. We work with Leaders to help them to recognise their impact upon those around them and to support themRead More
As you may know – in my spare time (what spare time?) I am proud to be a coach at the Professional Speakers Academy.  That means that a few weekends a year you will find me somewhere in London – usually Gatwick or Heathrow, coaching people to overcome their fear of public speaking, and to be able to put across the message of their business in interesting and engaging ways – without the use ofRead More
Last week we were in Port-en-Bessin, in France on holiday and my son decided he wanted to catch some crabs on the beach, which largely consists of beautiful shells and stones.  So off he went with his sister – all excited to see the crabs, and as I was reading my book I looked up from time to time to see them peering into one rock pool or another.  Ah – to be a child again IRead More
whats in it for me
Long gone are the days when as an employer you could have an attitude of ‘people should be grateful to have a chance to work here’.  It is not all about what they can do for you – that is now only one half of the story.  It is now also about WIIFM. Most companies recruitment processes are all about finding the right person.  And that, of course, is crucial and is a whole fineRead More
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.’ —Vince Lombardi Hands up who thinks of themselves as inspiring……? Probably a few of us, but not that many really. Being inspirational is something we seem to think others do, must do, but it’s not what we do. The thing is about being ‘a leader’ is that we have to get people to follow us otherwise, well, we’re not really a leaderRead More
As it is Bank Holiday next week, we thought we would take ourselves off for a few days away in the UK – since the weather might just be cheering up! And the place we are staying in has lots of stuff going on for kids – Taekwando, Kick Boxing and lots of other activities. Well, one of the cool things on offer was a race, and the kids could choose to do a 2.5Read More