I was talking to Jan this week, and the subject of holidays came up.  We both love France but I was saying to her how sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing being in France (or Spain or anywhere else) and watching how tourists speak to the locals. I don’t know if you have experienced this – but sometimes tourists shout.  They shout at the locals and speak really slowly – as if that willRead More
I’m all for taking a risk every now and then. In fact, taking good and calculated risks is part of being a leader. We sometimes have to take decisions without being in full possession of the facts. Indeed, that’s a fairly frequent situation. So, what’s the problem?   Well. Sometimes a calculated risk isn’t really calculated. In fact, a decision can be pretty reckless where there is not enough information to make a sound decision or where evidence shows the decision is highly likely to cause significantRead More
Man with knife
Have you ever been in a situation where you were worried about saying the wrong thing?  I have a friend who worked in an environment where everyone was afraid of doing anything at all ‘outside the rules’.  The reason for this was that she had a boss that purported to want new ideas, and to want people to make their own decisions and come up with new ideas. The problem was – it soon becameRead More
pointing finger
Have you ever had a situation at work where something goes wrong and everyone is blaming everyone else?  Perhaps as a Leader you have had this situation with your team, perhaps where you delegated a task down and the team leader is blaming the team members, and they are all blaming each other, and you can’t get to the bottom of where the real blame lies    Well I can tell you, the answer is…..the blameRead More

Boardroom or Ballroom?

Well we have only gone and done it.  Yes, we have signed up for Strictly Comes to Salisbury!  I am a big Strictly fan and also a big fan of the UK’s hospice service and of Salisbury Hospice Charity in particular.  Unfortunately there is a bigger and bigger need for hospice care in the UK and they rely on donations, so when we saw this opportunity to raise funds and have fun at the sameRead More
wine therapy
Knowing that it’s good to recharge the batteries and to take a break I decided to take a few days out during the summer months and cross the English Channel to visit the beautiful and tranquil Isle of Wight. Amongst many of the absorbing and idyllic places I visited I happened to find a delightful little place. It was this quaint little boutique shop. I almost strolled on by but I gravitated towards it asRead More
Did you see the news today?  Some politician has caused a ruckus because she has been in Israel on holiday and at the same time meeting with various officials from the Israeli government without telling the government she was going to do so.  As a result she has resigned. Now you and I might think that’s all a big fuss about nothing but it broke ‘the rules’ and that’s something that is unacceptable in theRead More
no means yes
Isn’t it funny how people hear what they want to hear?  I was talking to a friend last week discussing a film we had both watched – and I asked her if she remembered the bit where they were talking about their friends, but I thought they were really talking about themselves and their relationship.    She looked at me funny and said, ‘No Julie, they were talking about their fears from their childhood because….”.  I don’t know if either ofRead More
I was talking to one of my lovely clients today.  He is lovely, and he is also really really good at what he does.  He has this magical aura around him that says, ‘I know everything and I can solve any problem’.  His people feel very safe knowing they have such a skilled boss and that he is the font of all knowledge about his job, and theirs.  They know he has ‘been there andRead More
Earlier this week I was at a Salisbury Chamber of Commerce network meeting where I did a 40 minute presentation to the business owners who were attending.  This was around the subject of why – as a business owner – we never get a day off.   Perhaps it seems to you that you work harder than everyone else in your organisation?  Maybe you wish that someone else could make a bloomin decision once in a while and maybe theyRead More