Have you been on a plane recently?  You know when they are going through all the safety notices and they come to the one about oxygen masks?  What is the instruction there?  Well – it is to fix your OWN mask first before attempting to help someone else.  That is because if you put the mask on your child first for example, and then you fainted because you went too long without oxygen, your child
No not in the way you’re thinking – that WOULD be news!   No, I mean engagement in terms of being engaged – at work.  Mostly with your team. There has been a lot of this coming up recently in all sorts of contexts but really – being engaged and getting engagement is crucial to any kind of success in business. You need to get engagement with your customers and potential customers of course, because the
I was recently at a networking meeting where there was a guest speaker.  I had travelled some miles to go to this meeting because I was super excited.  The guest speaker was a highly successful small business owner like me – but he was ahead of where I am – in terms of revenue – he was into the multi millions, and we are not quite at that point yet! I met a few other
Have you recently been promoted to a management position? Of course, you are feeling happy and celebratory and excited!   Or maybe not? You see sometimes when people are promoted to a management position it isn’t as exciting or joyful as they hoped it would be.  What normally happens is that people get promoted because they are great at their job.  You are no doubt great at the job you have been promoted from, and that
No – it’s not a trick question, and neither is this….. Have you ever thought about doing something new but then stopped yourself, because you thought It won’t work”  or “I am not that kind of person”, or maybe “It’s just too hard”? Well, that was me last Sunday. A lovely woman (Monica) who I met about 5 or 6 years ago, asked me what I was doing on Sunday. “Relaxing with my 2 small
time management
Have you ever been on a time management course?  It becomes very clear very quickly that the title of the course about “Time Management” is probably an oxymoron.  I mean you can’t manage time can you? I’m guessing that you, like me, have 24 hours in a day.  There isn’t much you can do about it.  You can be more productive of course, and you can learn how and when to delegate, but you can’t

How To Get More Done

It’s Thursday!  How is this week going for you?  Are you on track to get everything done that you wanted to achieve this week?  Or have you been derailed?  Have you been side-tracked, or even overwhelmed, with all the things that were not on your To Do list on Monday morning, but somehow, have appeared on it during the last 3 days. And if this describes your week – is it JUST this week, or
Think, Be and Do Like a Leader!
The Think, Be and Do of Leadership. Something Jan and I talk a lot about in our consulting role with business owners and leaders, is the Think, Be, Do principle.  You see as a Leader or THE Leader in your business there is always a lot of stuff to do, isn’t there?  In fact, some days, weeks or even months, can seem overwhelming because of the amount of stuff you have to do.  And if
Be a Leader
Some people seem to be born to be a Leader, don’t they?  I’m thinking of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Alex Ferguson, Attila the Hun!  (I’m not comparing Alex Ferguson to Attila the Hun – just saying – they are both ‘born leaders’). For these people, leadership seems to come naturally, it seems like they were always destined for that role and when they get it, it just all fits together, they’re
You don’t need to answer that question – though you can if you like!   No, it was a question a client asked me, when we were discussing why his team weren’t performing as expected. “I’ve worked out Jan, that there is absolutely NO POINT me setting any goals in this organisation because NO-ONE cares about them and they never achieve them – so what’s the point of having any goals?”. Well, I could understand his