2 Pint Sized Children Or A Pack Of Mongolian Business Owners?

No – it’s not a trick question, and neither is this…..

Have you ever thought about doing something new but then stopped yourself, because you thought It won’t work”  or “I am not that kind of person”, or maybe “It’s just too hard”?

Well, that was me last Sunday.

A lovely woman (Monica) who I met about 5 or 6 years ago, asked me what I was doing on Sunday.

“Relaxing with my 2 small children”, was my first thought, but then she put an idea to me that I found very curious, quite exciting and a little worrying too.

She asked me; “Can you deliver some training to my group of Mongolian Business owners?”

Err… maybe.

I was to deliver a two hour webinar (originally supposed to be 1 hour but then we realised that we needed translation as only 1 or 2 of them spoke any English!) to 25 Mongolian business owners who wanted to develop their leadership skills.

Monica saw our recent webinar about the THINK, BE, DO™ principles of 3D leadership, and realised that it doesn’t matter about country or language, when it comes to great leadership principles and practice – our 3D Leadership model JUST makes good sense.

I was a bit sceptical that we would keep their interest if the language barrier was too strong (my Mongolian is not word perfect lol).  However, we gave it a go.

What I found was that I had a ball and so did they! We got over the barriers, it took a bit more effort, more patience and a bit of jiggery pokery BUT I learned that there are people we can help all over the world even if we need to make a bit of extra effort.

I also realised that we should embrace the opportunities that come our way, and be brave and look how we can make things work, rather than letting unfamiliarity become a barrier. I needed to step out of my comfort zone, and just do it.

And because I did, we now have a bunch of wonderful people who want to join our new Leaders With Impact Facebook Group, lots of people signing up to our leadership tips at www.teamperformanceengine.uk and a whole load of new opportunities in another country.

So, what opportunities are you being offered and which of those are you taking up? Are you grabbing the opportunity and saying “YES” in true Richard Branson style?  Or are you leaving it on the table because it’s a bit out of your comfort zone?

Well, here’s my invite to join our facebook group too and if you like – go get our free leadership report and tips here.

But only if it is time to step out of YOUR comfort zone !

3D Leadership – dynamically enhancing the results of your business’™

At Transforming Performance, we believe that there are 6 crucial areas of Leadership: focus and direction, mindset, engagement, skills, impact and systems.

Transforming Performance can help with our Accelerate Your Business™ and Accelerate Solo™ programmes.

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